FREE fortnightly Thursday training sessions run by our leader Lina Roth from 10.30 Р12.30 (Qld time) at Nerang BiCentennial Community Centre, 833 Southport-Nerang Road, Nerang $5pp for room hire.  SeneGence and LipSense information, updates and product discussions. Any enquiries please contact me 0407889168 or email

September 2018

Joni and SeneGence announce FREE sign up! I had 3 amazing women join me and my team to make 7! Awesome!! Unfortunately I did lose one but hopefully she will rejoin and continue on in her journey.

These products TRULY do work and the results are AMAZING!!


July 2018

Another SeneVersary and another year of celebration! Fabulous and I am having so much fun. I have come to realise that SeneGence is a family, community and organisation like no other. Looking forward to spreading the word to more and more women I meet!


July 2017

My SeneVersary¬† and what a year it has been. Attended Seminar yet again and wow wow and wow! I’m still to gain rank but I have much to learn especially when new products are released. So amazing!


July 2016

My SeneVersary (yes everything SeneGence starts with Sene…) I received 10 SeneBucks on my SeneVersary, Birthday and for Christmas from SeneGence! How fabulous is that and that is every year! I am gaining knowledge and sharing LipSense.

I attended my first SeneGence Seminar in April and OMG what an experience! I met the wonderful and amazing Joni Rogers-Kante CEO and Founder of SeneGence. Joni published a book and I asked her to sign it. Joni is the most amazing and generous woman I have ever met.

Lina who is the Divas Downunder Team Leader is wonderful and supportive. Yes when you become a distributor you become part of a team to support you and provide you with training along the way.


July 2015

I was first introduced to LipSense in July 2015 through a FaceBook ad by a distributor who colour matched my favourite lipstick and the next day I signed up as a distributor.

LipSense lipcolour is an amazing long lasting stay on liquid lipcolour technology that comes with a Glossy Gloss containing Vitamin E and Shea Butter to hydrate the lips and seal the colour to last from 4 to 18 hours.

The skincare is amazing and also the cosmetics so fast forwarding to 2018 I am continuing my quest to share, excite and empower like minded women to become independent and beautiful.

Care to join me then drop me an email or message or phone me to start your SeneGence journey TODAY!

Nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.